Monday, April 30, 2007

Cricket World Cup Final and other shenanigans

Ok, so we (we in this case being Wayne and I) wanted to watch the final of the Cricket World Cup (Australia vs Sri Lanka), but we 1) weren't able to watch it on the local telly and 2) didn't want to go out to the Polo Club, because we would be roosted probably before the first innings, due to the fact that the match was scheduled to run into the wee hours.
Instead, we opted to try to get a live broadcast on the computer. However, this turned out to be more difficult/expensive than we anticipated (fortunately, we weren't missing any of the action because of the rain), so what we finished up doing was watching cricinfo's 3D virtual cricket and a live-updating scorecard, and listening to a skypecast of two Indian chaps live from Bombay. They were obviously amatuers, calling the cricket from their computer, but they didn't do half bad.
We went to bed at the end of Australia's innings, so we missed out on all the controversy, but it was a good night all the same.

In other news, we played this morning for the head dude in charge of Finance in China (so, a big shot). He arrived at 11:00, which would be fine, except that we were told to be ready for 8:30! And we found this out last night at 10:30! Craziness.
Can't wait to get home.


Xavier said...

Sounds like things are getting a bit grim if you're signing off with "Can't wait to get home"!

Kate Price said...

oh owie, your blog's great!

Tim Trudgian said...

It was getting quite silly towards the end in the darkness - count yourself lucky to have missed it. When do you get back?