Saturday, May 26, 2007

My my so many things have happened since my last post

A couple of weekends ago, the band members went out to celebrate Sunny's birthday (Sunny is Susan's adopted daughter). That in itself was not weblog-worthy, although it was a good night - dinner at a local restaurant we about twice as much food as we needed, then back to their place for a few drinks, and then out to a local night club, that while really nice, was rather expensive (AUD$8 for a beer - not that pricey at all, you say, but consider that a beer from the shop costs about AUD$0.80). Wayne, Ashlely, Casey and I stayed overnight in town, and then on the Sunday, We went to one of the other theme parks operated by the same company, which meant that we could get in for free. This one, called Happy Valley [I would link to the website, but it is all in Chinese], is full of roller coasters etc. Unfortunately, by the time we had all roused ourselves from sleeping off the beer from the night before, got dressed, had food and found our way to the place, it was well into the afternoon, and we only had a couple of hours there. We made it worthwhile though, with a visit to the 3D cinema (it was actually a 4D cinema, where, for example, if there's wind blowing on screen, a fan blows air into your face, if it's raining on screen, you get sprayed with a little water etc, but as we were some of the last people into the theater for that screening, we had to sit right up the back, so we missed out on the extra 'dimension') That's right folks, one sentence, 9 commas. I like commas.
Anyway, we also had fun on the dodgem cars - I had forgotten how much fun they can be. After that we went on one of those 'river rapid' rides, where you float along a course in an 8-seat ring, and get sprayed with water at every opportunity. They were selling plastic ponchos for the patrons, but we would not be slaves to consumerism, so we purchased one between us, to protect our valuables from a soaking, and we let ourselves get saturated. It was a hot day, so we didn't mind. Next on the list of must-rides was a train-style roller coaster. That was pretty cool - quite scary because the tunnel entrances were not much larger than the train itself, and it felt like there was going to be a horrible accident.
The only other ride we went on (being a Sunday, the queues were sub-optimal) was the showpiece of the park, an inverted coaster. That was madness. I couldn't walk in a straight line for several minutes afterwards. It was great! I do have photos, but they'll have to wait until I get around to uploading them. Based on previous experience this could be several weeks yet!
Speaking of photos, I did finally sort/caption the last batch I uploaded. Find them at
I am about to go down for supper, so the other things that I had planned to write about will have to wait until the next post, since this one seems to have gone longer that I had anticipated. The upside is that I have Victor's computer to myself tonight, if I so choose, so I can hopefully get the rest typed up within the next few hours.
See you in a bit.

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