Sunday, June 10, 2007

12 weeks to go

Well, eleven and a half, actually, because I've been a bit tardy on the posts of late.
By the way, I do apologise for the brevity of that last post, but it was done by request (you can thank Xavier for that)!

So the latest news on The Park being open, is that they're heading for a July 18th opening, and it looks like they're being serious about it. That said, it wouldn't surprise me if they didn't, but nevertheless, they're working for that date. We (the band) don't yet know what our role will be after that date, as it is surely going to be a soft open - there's no way they're going to get everything done on time, but they put up lights at night, so that work can continue after dark (I don't know if they work round the clock, but I wouldn't be surprised!)

Aside from that, all here is as usual.
Carry on.

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Kate Price said...

So I'm a bit confused. What have you been doing this whole time if the Park is still not open? And why are you coming home so soon after the Park opens? Have they found your replacement yet?