Thursday, August 30, 2007

It's finally over

Well, almost. As I type this it is Thursday evening, with 3 more performances tomorrow. But that's all! The reason I'm writing this now is that tomorrow night we are going to be holding one hell of a shindig at the bar here at The Park, and I really don't think I'll have time to post that night, and I'm sure I won't feel like posting on Saturday morning!

I now have some more concrete plans as to what I'm doing next. The band trip will last until the 7th of September, then I'm coming back to Shenzhen and flying out on the 10th. I know I mentioned last time that I would spend some time in Beijing, but at that stage I thought my flight home was on the 11th, and even that would have been pushing it a bit. With the loss of that day, it becomes really impractical to go to Beijing, and I don't really want to postpone my international flight - I just want to come home. So I'll have to leave seeing the Great Wall until another time (criminal though it may be!).

The Company and the Army have come to an agreement and the shuttle taxi service has resumed (some say it never actually stopped!) which means that someone paid up, and no; The Park didn't close down again - though one wonders how long it can last as a viable business entity.

I think that's all for now - I'm going to go and shave off my beard.

See you soon.


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Alcifer said...

That's a big beard, Owen - cop any flak at the airport? You are back in the free world again now?