Friday, January 12, 2007

Week 1.5

I've been shown the website for The Park (
Our show will be performed in "Interlaken Town", and "Tea Stream Valley" is very close, and very beautiful.
I have taken loads of pictures, and as soon as I find a satisfactory way to upload them, I will post a selection here (presuming I can find a way to do that, the Chinese thing again! - to make matters worse, the computer I'm on now has the Chinese version of XP loaded, so all the menu options are unreadable!)
There is not much to do, given that The Park is still not open - I'm really regretting having left my crossword and puzzle books at work on my last day :-(
Anyway, I'd best be off - things not to do, places not to go!
Cheers, Captainowie.

1 comment:

Xavier said...

I think it's obvious what you need to spend your time doing...
Learn to read Chinese. Well, at least to read the characters which are
a) In windows menus
b) On the blog website

I expect you to be able to fluently read and write "start","file","save","all programs" and "shut down" by the time you get back.