Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Week 3(cont)

More pictures to follow:
owen 002.jpg
This is a close-up of the walkway in the main part of town. The reason I think this is funny, is that instead of purchasing dimpled pavers, they had someone go around with a hammer and chisel and actually ping them in by hand!!

owen 003.jpg
This is a (possbily sideways) 'tree' on the top of a hill. I say 'tree' because it's actually a China Telecom radio tower. The even more remarkable thing is:
owen 004.jpg
They put in fake roots!! The only people who are going to see them are the Telecom workers, and maybe some badgers, or whatever they have here in China.

Must go, more later about mad bartering deals, and whatnot.
Cheers, Captainowie.

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