Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Week 10

I don't really have much to say this week, I've been playing a lot of computer games with Wayne and Ashley (Civilization IV, Command and Conquer - Generals, Age of Empires III and, of course, Worms world party!) often staying up until almost sunrise.
We're back playing again, despite still being on "days off", although we're just playing at the Station for the official visitors. This morning, though, the train arrived and there were about 4 people on it, so I suspect that we're playing just for the sake of it. Still, it's a job.
Can't wait until my Wii arrives (I've had it shipped from Aust. so that when I get home I don't have to import games)

The weather here has been very humid the last week or so. Trying to get laundry dry has been a nightmare! Right now, I've got linen hanging up all over my room, with the heater on full, in the hope that I have something to sleep under tonight. Also, it means that it's been very foggy, so there's no decent views to be had (unless you count standing at one end of a bridge and seeing it disappear into the fog). Consequently there's been no motive to go for walks, which is about the only form of exercise I get. Consequently I've been feeling fat and lazy. Oh well, such is life!
Carry on.

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Alcifer said...

Hi Owen,

Sid Meier was on to something with Civ, wasn't he? I still play Civilization I and can be entertained for hours!