Friday, March 23, 2007

Week 11

Nothing much happened for the first part of the week, and then it was St Patricks Day!
A few of us took the journey deep into Shenzhen (bus down the mountain, then another bus into the city, then the subway, then another bus to the place - almost 3 hours!) to an Irish pub. Wayne bought his pipes, and was a big hit. After a few beers I was able to be persuaded to do a Fling, and that was less of a hit, but a hit nonetheless. After many drinks there, we hit the Maccas around the corner, and then took a taxi home. We got home a little after 6 am!

We have also had a change in management within the band. Our (now ex-) pipe major wasn't doing a very good job of leading the band, so we held a meeting with our boss, and the PM/band manager position has passed on to Wayne (who is the next-best player, despite being the youngest member of the group!) who I'm sure will do a much better job

The other big thing to report is that my Wii arrived yesterday (Xavier purchased it for me, and posted it over) so there was much rejoicing, and much playing of games! At last now I have something to do when we're not playing/rehearsing that isn't crosswords!

Carry on

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